Import Regulations in Uganda

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Import Regulations in Uganda
Here is the list of required documentation: Work Permit (copy); Immigration Permit; Certificate of Residence Change; "Attestation reservation de cale"; inventory in triplicate, English, detailed, valued, signed and dated by the customer (electrical powered items should be shown with serial numbers).

The shipper must be in Uganda for customs clearance. Used household goods may be duty-free if they are exported upon the expiration of the customer’s temporary residence permit.

These are the dutiable and/or restricted items in Uganda: new electrical items and new furniture (less than 6 months old); home computers.

The prohibited items are alcohol and other spirits are prohibited (subject to 100% taxes and should be sent separately); weapons (all kinds) and ammunition; drugs; hides, skins, traps, animal trophies; plants and seeds; precious metals and stones.