Import Regulations in Syria

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Import Regulations in Syria

The required documents are inventory - typewritten in English or French; list of electrical appliances and electronics (detailing make, year and serial number) and valuable articles (silver, carpets, furs, etc.); manuals for computers, TVs and radios; letter authorizing Destination Agent to clear shipment. Foreign Diplomats require diplomatic exemption from the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Foreign Experts require the following: Work Permit in Syria; Residence Card; permit from the General Directorate of Customs for clearance under temporary admission regime; Letter of Guarantee from the work place; License of Importation. Syrian Returning Nationals require the following documentation: certificate with start and end date of work; certificate of residence from Syrian Embassy; list of Household goods in Arabic certified by Syrian Embassy; emigrant book from the Syrian Embassy; receipts of lease of house and electricity and water bills; passport and Syrian Identity Card.

The owner must be present at customs clearance. All the shipments are subject to strict inspection. The goods cannot be moved to bonded warehouse for storage before Customs clearance is completed. The shipment must arrive in Syria within four months of owner’s arrival with the exception of Foreign Diplomats.

Used household goods and personal effects are duty-free provided for Foreign Experts and Foreign Diplomats, if they are for personal use, are not to be sold in Syria and must be re-exported from Syria at the end of the Work Permit or Active Service.

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