Packing Dishware

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Packing Dishware

Look through these easy step-by-step directions to packing plates and flatware.

Pick up a medium size box and line it with an extra large sheet of bubble wrap. This bubble wrap should be large enough that it spills outside the box and wholly covers the inside as well as the bottom.

Find a stack of plain newsprint and put it on the table. The size of newspaper’s sheets should be large enough to fold the plates or object you need to pack.

Put the first plate in the center of the sheet and wrap one corner of the sheet over the plate until it's completely covered.

The next plate should be put on top of the first plate. And then wrap the remaining three corners of the plain newsprint sheet over the second plate.

Put the two plates in the box on their side. Do not pack the plates flat. In case the box meets any kind of force, plates on their edge can sustain a lot more pressure.

Go on with wrapping and placing the plates in the box till the box is compactly packed.

Take in the edges of the bubble wrap so the plates are covered and protected. In case there is space remaining in the box, put linens or towels on top of the plates before taping the box.

Label the box "Fragile", put the list of the items on the outside and their location, for example "Kitchen" or "Dining Room".

Remember to place heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. In case you have no bubble wrap, use linens or towels as cushioning. Do not use a very big box. Keep in mind that the maximum weight should be 50 lbs.

The list of what you will need for packing your plates and flatware: medium size box; sheets of plain newsprint; packing tape; bubble wrap; marker and dinner plates, butter plates, serving plates or saucers.