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Right Insurance for Your Shipping
First that you should do when considering buying insurance is to thoroughly review the moving company's terms for insurance coverage. Define the extent of liability coverage for property loss or damage your shipper will provide. Look through the contract and find a section for you to establish the estimated value of your possessions. Estimate the maximum liability dollar value of the insurance provided by the shipping company and the process involved in case you need to place a claim. But this does not mean that in case of a claim you are entitled to the maximum liability damage coverage. Such factors as government regulations, taxes, and laws limit the actual the amount you may be entitled to in case of a claim. To be fully covered you will have to get additional insurance, as most shipping companies only cover a portion of the total value of your possessions.

Your shipping company insurance is based on valuation. Such valuation is the method of determining liability - by you and your shipper. There are three types of valuation:
1) Declared value. It is based on the total weight of the shipment multiplied by a specific amount per pound (example; $1.25 per pound). For example, if your goods weigh 10,000 pounds the shipper would be liable for up to $12,500. Claim adjustment is then based on the depreciated value of the item(s) damaged.
2) Lump sum value. In case you need insurance that is based more on value than on weight you can get insurance for a specific amount (the amount is variable dependant on the insurance provider) per $1,000 of value. Get to know the value of what you are shipping and make a declaration in writing on the bill of lading.
3) Full value protection. It includes lost, damaged, and destroyed property. The repair or replacement of the item(s) will be covered. Typically there is a minimum coverage amount and applicable deductibles.

You should calculate the amount of insurance you require, and start with taking into consideration the total weight of what you are moving, the number of rooms you are moving, and the contents of your move.

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