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shipping-insuranceIt is impossible to guarantee that all of your property will arrive at its final destination in the same condition it set off. Your property can be damaged during the transit (on the moving truck), in storage, and when it is being carried in or out of the moving truck. Your goods can be unintentionally dropped, dented, or broken by moving team. The majority of the insurance coverage that can be obtained through a mover company narrows their liability and will not completely cover the value of your property if lost or damaged. It is highly recommended to ensure that your shipment is adequately insured.

Shipping companies are not insurance companies. In case of casualty type losses you need either a homeowner's or renter's insurance policy, a rider on your existing insurance policy, or a special moving insurance policy, which may also be referred to as relocation insurance.

Right Insurance for Your Shipping
Here you may read about how to choose the right insurance police for your shipment. Get to know about the insurance types and different supplements you may obtain.