Import Regulations in Germany

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Import Regulations in Germany
When moving to Germany you may import your household goods duty and tax free if you meet the following requirements:

You have actually given up your residence abroad (e.g. by means of documents showing the termination of your lease/employment, sale of your residential home or a statement by your employer that you have been transferred to Germany). The shipper is establishing a new residence in Germany (e.g. lease agreement, correspondence with your employer in Germany, German police registration receipt). The owner has been residing outside Germany for at least 12 consecutive months (this can be waived if the reasons for your earlier return are beyond your control).

Exception from custom duties is granted only for those goods you have been using abroad, personally or professionally, for at least 6 months and which you will continue using in Germany for another 12 months. 
The following documents are required for customs clearance: Copy of Passport (the page showing photo) and copy of Visa and/or Work Permit (for foreign citizens only); inventory (original) in German or English, valued, dated and signed by the Customer; signed declaration, stating the imported goods are the owners personal effects; signed declaration, stating the imported goods are not subject to any customs restrictions (e.g. drugs, weapons, etc.); Statement of Transfer from employer in German (it should state the shipper was an employee for the company abroad, how long he/she has lived in this certain country, and will remain an employee of the company in Germany); foreign citizens must obtain a Work Permit (Arberterlaubnis) issued by the local employment office; Residence Visa (not needed for German nationals) or Residence Permit (granted only after a Work Permit has been issued); certificate of registration with the German police ("Polizeiliche Anmeldung"); customer's declaration that no taxable high value goods (such as alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea, guns, etc.) are in shipment; Certificate of Registration (Anmeldebestaetigung) from the local registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt); declaration for German nationals from German Embassy or Consulate confirming their length of stay abroad and exact destination address in Germany; German Customs Form 0350 (Zollantrag) in triplicate, stating goods will not be sold for one year; Health Certificate; Copy of Insurance Certificate; Customs clearance Power of Attorney Form authorizing Destination Agent to act on behalf of the customer in liaison with Customs; Power of Attorney.

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