Shipping Rates to Belgium

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Shipping Rates to Belgium

Generally, the rates on shipping boxes are set upon the cubic space in the container. With fixed minimum charges per shipment from USA in maritime industry, the customer can ship as little or as much as he/she wants, but there is a minimum cost involved.

The charges on international shipping of boxes, parcels, or packages usually cover warehouse receiving in US, tallying, loading into container, documentation and ocean transport. Nevertheless, there will be local destination fees upon warehouse release per custom of the port. In most countries it is possible to clear customs yourself and normally duty is not levied on used personal effects. But the customer should realize that customs clearance, duties and taxes are the obligation of the receiving consignee.

Here you can find the estimated costs on shipping your boxes from United States to the ports in Belgium:

 The rate per cubic foot*  The minimum rate* Transit time (days)
West Coast - Antwerp290 28 
East Coast - Antwerp  290 12 
West Coast - Brussels10 450 28 
East Coast - Brussels  10 450 12 

* All the rates are given in USD.

Additional Fees

When shipping to Belgium the shipper will meet the following arrival charges as:

- Administrative Fee - €35 (per bill of lading)
- Delivery Order - €10 (per bill of lading)
- Environment Fee – €45 (per bill of lading)
- LCL Charges - €6.5 (per cubic meter)
- Terminal Handling - €17 (per cubic meter)
- International Port Security – €2 (per bill of lading) 

Note: Boxes of irregular sizes are usually accommodated for slightly higher shipping costs.